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Test: The Dumb people fail Test 2

Category: Humor

Description: If you failed the first one, you might have a chance of passing, but I doubt it. Hey, I've been wrong before. Why don't you prove me wrong again? Try this one out. You can no longer view them.

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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

A woodchuck can't chuck wood Is this a math question 15.3 Cubic feet A woodchuck wouldn't chuck would because it couldn't chuck wood

How do you get an elephant in a refrigerator?

None of these answers are correct Just stick him in there Use a shrink ray by itself Use a shrink ray and put him in there

Where did the president keep his armies?

None of these In his sleevies In the sky The barracks

If there are two U.S. coins that make $0.30 and one of them is not a nickel, then what are they?

A fifty cents piece and a dime. You see, they boh make $0.30, and some more. Two dimes A quarter and a nickel Three nickels This is not logical

Are ugly people generally smarter than beautiful people?

No What do you think? Maybe Yes

Agathokakological is...

A word that means half good half evil Not really a word Presidentiallity Elasticness

If there are five apples and you take away three, how many do you have?

1 2 3 5

What is the dumbest game ever?

Hangman Monopoly Bible Trivia The Genie game

Do penguins have knees?

Yes No Maybe Possibly

Is there really an art to flying a hot-air balloon?

Yes If there is, I don't know it No Actually, there are a few arts

What are seashells made of?

Baleen Seas and shells Nothing The ocean

You can be cornered in a circular room.

True False

Why do people generally fail these types of tests?

They think to hard The questions are assigned incorrect answers by the people who make them There isn't really any correct answer They find wrong answers on line None of these answers are correct

If honey bees make honey, then do butterflies make butter?

No, honey bees don't actually make honey No, margarine The answer is tough Tough

Is a 63 an F?; Is a 72 a D?; Is an 81 a C? Is a 90 a B?

Yes; Yes; Yes; Yes Huh? No to all of them That depends on what school you go to

What is the square root of onions?

Shallots 57 Tears None of these


I don't know what y'all two are talkin' about. I got a 68.75. Getting a D is passing, right? This test is IMPOSSIBLE to pass! Huh? What are they talking about. I got a 62.5, that ain't right.
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