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Test: The "Dumb People Fail" test 3

Category: Humor

Description: Over 84% of you failed the first one, over 94% failed the second one, how many will fail the third one. Are you ready to find out? I know I am. Take this quiz out of the ballpark and redeem your horrible losses.

Keywords: Dumb tests, Driver tests, Cool tests, Humor, Road signs tests

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If you can dig a hole and a half in a day and a half, how long would it take for you to dig half of a hole?

A half of a day One day Two days None of these answers are correct

Where is Maybelline located?

New York Every store that sells women's cosmetics Hawaii Every store that sells men's cosmetics

What colors are a hover fly's stripes

Black and Yellow Red and Orange Black and Orange Red and yellow

If you can cook one egg by boiling it for 20 minutes in a boiling water pot, how long would it take for you to cook 4 eggs?

20 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes 80 minutes

Who is the greatest karate fighter of all times?

Bruce Lee Jackie Chan Whoopie Goldberg Angelina Jolie

What do Smokey The Bear and Alexander The Great have in common?

The same middle name Their first names both have an "a" in them Their last names both have a "B" in them None of these answers are correct

What is Demitra Lovato's middle name?

Devonne Yvonne Yvette Lavette

Click the largest.

Starling Sparrow Wren Scissor-tailed fly catcher

What is the chemical formula for Carbon dioxide?

None of these answers are correct CO2 CO3 CO4

What does the word Apocolocynposis mean?

The fear of turning into a pumpkin The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth It is not a fear, it is simply another way to say asphyxiate The loss of two or more limbs

John minutely ate his breakfast so he could go outside and play baseball in one minute. He was playing one inning against Jack. Jack was up to bat first. Who won?

Jack John Necessary information is not given Neither won and they decided on a truce

If Santa Claus climbed down Mary's chimney, how many presents would he find?

0 1 2 3 8

On a grid labled Romeo, you note that many cities are names after famous stores like "Marquirette's" and "Chick-fil-A". You realize that you are reading an EastChase map. You also discover that there is a name labeled on this map. Whose map is it?

Necessary information is missing Necessary information is given Chase Gretel Billy Hansel

If a dog, a cat, a roadrunner, and a crow had a race to see who could fly across a lake the fastest, who would win?

Crow Roadrunner Dog Cat

On which of the following sites will you find the impossible quiz?

Not Doppler Doppler Splapp-me-do None of these answers are correct

Who were two people on the Louis and Clark Expeditition?

Louis and Sacagewea Clark and John Bunyan Mary Fleece and Clark Louis and Mary Fleece


87.5 baby. Beat that! 31.25! woohoo Well, I got a 75!... minus fifty. I got 18.75 and I'm proud of it! You're among friends, Solokid. We all did bad. I got a 68.75! I got 50%. :( And by the way, it's Demetria Lovato. I can't believe it. I was 0.75 points away from an 82. This test is so hard, couldn't even pass it!
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