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Test: The gay quiz

Category: Humor

Description: Do you know if your gay, bi, or stright? if not take my quiz


This may be a personal qustion, but plz answer this truly have you done a

Guy before Girl before are you a virgon

Look around your room what do you see on your wall "color wise"

Pink Blue Black Other

Do you like missing with your hair?

The reasion of this if a guys hair is more inportant and the guy miss with there hair alot then that is a 50/50/50 change. Yes No

What is more appeling to you?

Two Guys kissing Two Girls kissing Guy and Girl kissing None of the above

What color do you like more?

Pink Purple Red Black Rainbow

Last question, is there a guy that you like more then a friend?

Yes No

What do you look at more?

Guys butts Girls butts Both Other then the Butt


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