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Test: The Monkey Test

Category: Humor

Description: WARNING: this test is very odd...

Keywords: fff

Relevant Website: eaa.com

How Old Are You?

10-13. 14-17. 18-21. 22-35

Read The Song Below: "I'm Mr. Peanut and I'm here to say, I'm Mr. Peanut, I'm felling nutty today, I'm Mr. Peanut and I'm here to say I am delicious in every way." Can You Think Of A Jingle To Put That With?

Yes No

What Is The Image Below?

A question mark. A music note. A person sleeping. A squiggle. None.

Read the song below: "im bob the happy unicorn i eat my pants and chew my horn." What does it make you feel?

Emo. I want to kill my self. Nothing. All of the above.

Do You Like Celery Dipped In Peanut Butter?

Yes No

Do You Feel Uncomfortable In Any Way?

Yes No


The Monkey Test


Monkey Test