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Test: The Monkey Test

Category: Humor

Description: WARNING: this test is very odd...

Keywords: fff

Relevant Website: eaa.com

What Is The Image Below?

A question mark. A music note. A person sleeping. A squiggle. None.

How Old Are You?

10-13. 14-17. 18-21. 22-35

Do You Feel Uncomfortable In Any Way?

Yes No

Read the song below: "im bob the happy unicorn i eat my pants and chew my horn." What does it make you feel?

Emo. I want to kill my self. Nothing. All of the above.

Do You Like Celery Dipped In Peanut Butter?

Yes No

Read The Song Below: "I'm Mr. Peanut and I'm here to say, I'm Mr. Peanut, I'm felling nutty today, I'm Mr. Peanut and I'm here to say I am delicious in every way." Can You Think Of A Jingle To Put That With?

Yes No


The Monkey Test


Monkey Test