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Test: R U wEiRd!!

Category: Humor

Description: R U Crazzy?


when ur talking do ur friends usally have a blank expression?

what does expression mean??? no somtimes zzz...

do you no the meaning of necompoop???

Yes No WHAT???

do you ever just bust out laghing 4 no resen???

yes-no-idk do i have to answer that?? yes no

have you read all 4 twilight books??

Yes No

do you ever find youself stareing in to space???

nooooooooooooo...umm what was the question sure NO WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT??? only all the time

would you rather have Will Smith or britny speres be president???

will smith he is soooo kool!!!! britny speres all the way!!!

do you ever get lost in your own home???

Yes No ya i didnt even know i had a computer!!!

pick your fav...

:) O: ;( :P

do you think you got the last question right?

umm...ya no i forgot it idk

do you thank you will pass this test?

Yes No I dont pass ANY test!!!

when texting would u know what this means?? lol idk brb

laugh out loud i dont know ??? nope i dont text lol idk brb da who dont

peanut butter???

YUMMY!!!!! only the best junk food ever!!! WHAT??? GRoSS!!! im on a diet y did u remind me

is he the HOTTEST acter alive???

True False


43 i dont know 1999999248237547543657864 72

i fone????

ya i got one!! i what i wish i have 1 so you wish