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Test: R U wEiRd!!

Category: Humor

Description: R U Crazzy?


peanut butter???

YUMMY!!!!! only the best junk food ever!!! WHAT??? GRoSS!!! im on a diet y did u remind me

do you ever get lost in your own home???

Yes No ya i didnt even know i had a computer!!!

pick your fav...

:) O: ;( :P

would you rather have Will Smith or britny speres be president???

will smith he is soooo kool!!!! britny speres all the way!!!

do you ever just bust out laghing 4 no resen???

yes-no-idk do i have to answer that?? yes no

when texting would u know what this means?? lol idk brb

laugh out loud i dont know ??? nope i dont text lol idk brb da who dont

do you no the meaning of necompoop???

Yes No WHAT???

do you think you got the last question right?

umm...ya no i forgot it idk

have you read all 4 twilight books??

Yes No

do you thank you will pass this test?

Yes No I dont pass ANY test!!!

i fone????

ya i got one!! i what i wish i have 1 so you wish

do you ever find youself stareing in to space???

nooooooooooooo...umm what was the question sure NO WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT??? only all the time


43 i dont know 1999999248237547543657864 72

is he the HOTTEST acter alive???

True False

when ur talking do ur friends usally have a blank expression?

what does expression mean??? no somtimes zzz...