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Test: Phil Driver

Category: Humor

Description: Nasty Test


1.After you burp what do you do? A. Say excuse me B. Blame it on someone else C. Blow it in someone elses face D. Fart to top it all off 2. When eating, and when you come across a bad taste you then... A.Force yourself to swallow B.Politely spit the food into a napkin and wrap it up C.Spit the food onto plate/tray D.Spit food into hand and chunk it at someone 3.If you ever wetted your bed, when you awoke, you did which of the following? A. Cover it up with news papers B. Wash the bed sheets C. Leave it for mother to clean D. Blame it on Sibling 4. If there was no bathroom near and you had to take a dump extremely bad, what would be your next move? A. **** yourself B. Pull pants down and **** on scene C.**** in hand thus fling it D. Hold that **** in for the next 100 miles 5. If your girlfriend was puking, and you had to hold her hair, with the smell and the sound of her puking, what would your reactions be? A. Rub her back and try to soothe her B. Puke on her C. Push her head in toilet water as a joke D. Call 911 In order to save your life which of the following would you prefer to eat? A.Puke B.**** C.Guacamole D.Grilled man *****

A. Say excuse me A. Force self to swallow B. Wash the bed sheets C. **** in hand thus fling it C. Push her head in toilet water as a joke D. Grilled man ***** (Eat like hot dog)