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Test: Michaela, Jillian, Devyn and Deirdre

Category: Humor

Description: What kind of animal you would be

Keywords: Animals

Relevant Website: www.sometests.com

What is your favorite place to be?

Some place quiet. A crazy place thats always loud. A dark place thats peaceful. Some place that is normal and social. Bright and calm.

I love and care for animals.

True False

How active are you?

Very active Twice a day All the time Never I'm a couch patato Somtimes i'm active

Are you social or solitary?

I am very solitary, I hardly ever come out of my house? I am a social butterfly I love to be around people? I am a mix of both. None of the above.

Do you sleep in on weekends?

Yes No

I hate the otedoors

Yes No