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Test: LAST SONG quiz

Category: Humor

Description: movie quiz


what did her dad have?

cancer diabetes flu nothing....he was healthy

was ronnies parents divorced?

Yes No

what did the townspeople accuse ronnies dad of after the church devestation?

that he burnt it down he bulldozed it nothing all of the above

while at her dads house for the summer, did they get along?

Yes No at first no, but eventually

whats the girls name?

ronnie hannah miley ryan

she had a brother

True False

is miley going out with liam in real life?

Yes No

what animal kept tryin to eat the turtle eggs?

raccoon snake mouse hawk

what animal was ronnie protective of?

sea turtles fish frogs raccoons

did ronnies dad die at the end?

Yes No

what was her main passion?

music liam school swimming

what was one of liams jobs?

worked at the aquarium lifeguard to look cute (wasnt very hard) he had no job

whats the hot guys' real name?

liam luke cutie jake

what is one of the instruments that ronnie could play?

piano banjo violin harmoica

what does PMS mean according to ronnies brother?

****ed at men syndrome pimp my SUV period menstrual cycle playing music and songs


i love the last song i love miley crus that is playing Ronnie and i do like that hot guy from playing football Will he is good looking and i am Ronnie in the movie
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