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Test: Is Your Name Sexy? Find Out.

Category: Humor

Description: Find out if you have a sexy name (;


If you're a boy does your name end with a "y?"

Yes No I'm a girl

Do you have two letters the exact same in your name?

Yes No

Is your name spelt differently (Katherine - Kathryn or Catherine. Zack - Zak, Zac, Zach. etcc.)

Yes No

Do you think your name is sexy?

YES!!! NO! Yes

Is your name in the bible?

No Yes Very rarely

Do you have a common name? (Elizabeth, Mary, James, Zack, etc.)

Yes No

If you're a girl does your name end with a "y", "i" or "ie?"

Yes No I'm a boy

Do people tell you that your name is sexy or cute a lot? Or that they like it?

Yes No Sometimes Rarely


Is Zach A Sexy Name


Zach A Sexy Name