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Test: Is Your Name Sexy? Find Out.

Category: Humor

Description: Find out if you have a sexy name (;


Do you think your name is sexy?

YES!!! NO! Yes

If you're a boy does your name end with a "y?"

Yes No I'm a girl

If you're a girl does your name end with a "y", "i" or "ie?"

Yes No I'm a boy

Is your name spelt differently (Katherine - Kathryn or Catherine. Zack - Zak, Zac, Zach. etcc.)

Yes No

Is your name in the bible?

No Yes Very rarely

Do you have a common name? (Elizabeth, Mary, James, Zack, etc.)

Yes No

Do you have two letters the exact same in your name?

Yes No

Do people tell you that your name is sexy or cute a lot? Or that they like it?

Yes No Sometimes Rarely


Is Zach A Sexy Name


Zach A Sexy Name