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Test: How weird are you?

Category: Humor

Description: Find out how weird you are!!


Have your ever swam in the pool with the seals at the zoo?

Yes No Noooooooo.....well, maybe once!

If you had to die one of these ways, which would it be?

You are very normal....actually, you need to go take some goofy pills! You are waaaay too serious! Slowly and painfully by a horrible disease Drowning Falling off of a horse and hitting your head on a rock Falling down a mountain Freeze to death Starvation loneliness Old age

Have you ever eaten alligator?

Yes, its very yummy! No! Thats disguisting! Is it even edible? No, and I don't think I ever will! Yeah, But I won't ever again! It was really bad!

How old were you when you stopped watching barney?

You are the weirdest person ever! Go take some normalizing pills! 5 6 7 25 I never watched it! Its really stupid! I still watch it!

Do you ever lick your pins to make them work?

You are a little werid, but the normal amount of weird! Yeah, I have before, but it tasted really bad! Uh, no! Anyone who does that is just stupid!! Yeah, all the time! It actually kind of works! You wouldnt think so, but it does! NO!!!

Have you ever dicsected a gum ball?

Yes No

Have you ever been kicked out of a saloon.....................................in the cowboy hall of fame?

Yes No

Have you ever played the ukkileila?

Yes No

When talking to your friends, have you ever barked at them randomly?

I have no friends! :( Yup! All the time, actually! UH, NO! And I never will!!!! Yeah, I did it once.....

Have you ever played your stomach like a drum?

Yes No


waste of time...no offense to who ever made the quizz.. i dont understand it either imawesome i dont get it..