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Test: Do you know your lyrics?

Category: Humor

Description: lyrics from songs


"imma be on the next level, imma be rockin over that bass treble."

imma be boom boom pow the time womanizer

"So you can keep knockin, knockin me down. No love lost, no love found."

No love no hands knock me down over

"i took her to the room, she hit me with that line- said she aint that kind of girl and i told her stop lyin."

women lie men lie paradise no love drop the world

"first off you know what it is if you heard drake, beggin hoes wobble like a bridge in an earthquake."

im goin in over miss me im backkk

"now i know we said things, did things that we didnt mean and we've fall back into the patterns, same teams."

love the way you lie im wrong forgive me not afraid

"Rain rain go away, thats what all my haters say."

no hands o lets do it haterz make it rain

"say my name say my name wear it out, its getting hot, crack the windows air it out."

whats my name lets do it hot in here billionaire

"alot of yall are still sounding like last year, the game needs change and im the mo f****n cashier."

successful get money thank me later ever

"when i was 13, i had my first love."

baby one time never say never one less lonely girl

"well ive been saved by the grace of southern charm."

only prettier gun powder and lead farmers daughter country girl

"i got my mind on my money, money on my mind but you's a hell of distraction when you shaking that behind."

money maker shake that all i do is win paper chaser

"excuse me im sorry, im really such a lady, i rep young money , you know slim baby."

bottoms up break up slim shady money maker

"her eyes , her eyes make the stars look like their not shining. her hair, her hair falls perfectly without her trying."

just the way you are your beautiful the one my girl

"i say yea buddy rollin like a big shot, chevy turned up like a nascar pitstop."

ice cream paint job nascar big shot im so fly

"No matter who's buying, imma celebration. Black and white diamonds, f**k segregation."

6 ft. 7 ft. women lie men lie best i ever had gangsta life

"I wake up early in the mornin, around the crack of dawnen."

Speakers goin hammer touchdown pretty boy swag turn on my swag

"i throw my hands up in the air sometimes, sayin ayyooo, gotta let go."

dynamite nuclear bomb grenade party time

"i can teach you how to speak my language - rosetta stone."

over successful beast mode grenade

"i cant transform ya like a transformer. i can turn you from a human to a carter. take you off the bench tturn you to a starter, than ill take you home and put you on the charger."

i can transform you im goin in turn around mr. carter

"she had a barbeque stain on her white t-shirt, she was killin me in that mini skirt."

heart dont forget somethin like that hot stuff dynamite country girl


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