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Test: Do you know your STEP UP movies?

Category: Humor

Description: questions from all 3 step ups


Which character got admitted into California Film School?

Luke Tyler Monster Josh

Who's the skinny white curly-haired kid in step up 2 and step up 3?

moose goose smiles alexander III

Natalie {main female character of of step up 3) has a british accent offset.

True False

Is Mario in any of the STEP UPs?

Yes No

Channing Tatum's name in Step up is?

tyler gage chad cage skinny brian

What school did the main character in step up have to attend?


Is STEP UP a singing movie?

Yes No

Natalie and Julian (step up 3) are what?

sister/brother best friends exes cousins

Which STEP UP has the "World Jam?"

step up step up 2 step up 3

What STEP UP created "neoflys?"

step up 3 step up 2 step up


Step Up 3 Julian And Natalie Sister Step Up 3 Quizzes


Up 3 Julian And


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