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Test: Do you know your STEP UP movies?

Category: Humor

Description: questions from all 3 step ups


Natalie and Julian (step up 3) are what?

sister/brother best friends exes cousins

Which character got admitted into California Film School?

Luke Tyler Monster Josh

What STEP UP created "neoflys?"

step up 3 step up 2 step up

Which STEP UP has the "World Jam?"

step up step up 2 step up 3

Is Mario in any of the STEP UPs?

Yes No

Who's the skinny white curly-haired kid in step up 2 and step up 3?

moose goose smiles alexander III

What school did the main character in step up have to attend?


Natalie {main female character of of step up 3) has a british accent offset.

True False

Channing Tatum's name in Step up is?

tyler gage chad cage skinny brian

Is STEP UP a singing movie?

Yes No


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