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Test: Do you know your FFA?

Category: Humor

Description: agriculture


Women are allowed to be officers.

True False

What does FFA stand for?

Future Farmers of America Future Fagots of Antartica Farming Friends of Agriculture Field Fires of Actual people

Parliamentary procedure is the organization in which the FFA follows by and procedes.

True False

Are African Americans allowed to participate in the FFA?

Yes No

What is Parliamentary Procedure also known as?

Roberts Rules of Order P.P. Items of Business Goodwins Agricultural Rules

What year was FFA created?

1928 1930 1898 1949

1 gavel tap means..?

motion passes, fails, or sit down be quiet stand up raise your hand

How many officers are there?

4 6 8 3

Does the FFA have a "creed?"

Yes No

How many paragraphs are in the creed?

1 2 4 5

How does every paragraph in the creed start off?

I believe... Ass you can see.... Agriculture is.... In my years of knowledge and experience....

Who wrote the creed?

E.M. Tiffany George Alexander J. Timonthy Abraham Lincoln

What does the owl stand for in the FFA symbol?

knowledge and wisdom skill and experience good eyes and reflexes talent and time

What does "refer to a commitee" mean?

gather information or take action stand uo and give the report ask the officers what to do next read a report silently

What's the 2 colors of FFA?

blue and gold orange and black brown and gray blue and black


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