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Test: Are you an *******?

Category: Humor

Description: findout if you are an *******


Do you think eveyone likes you.

No people have there own opinion. Who wouldn't like me.

Do you yourself get ****ed off easy?

yes? sometimes? **** you man, why the hell do you need to know that you prick do you how ****ed off your making me? Maybe?

You have a barbed wire tattoo.

Yeah, and it's kickass. Why the hell does it matter what tattoo I have. You wish you had one. No

Inside do you really know that your a total tool but you think your to awsome to admit it.

No I admit it I'm a tool **** you again for asking these dumbass questions anyway, have you ever thought that you are the ******* I mean really how would you even know what an ******* acts like in less you to are an ******* so take that you douche bag

Are you an *******?

No, I told you before I'm great. Yes I am a mega *******.

True or false, you like making people ****ed off?

Ahhhhhh, they know I'm just messing around. Maybe a little.

Do you where sunglasses in in building where there is no light on purpose?

Sometimes without knowing it. Yes all the time baby. Never. You gotta do what you gotta do

Do you ever think your the biggest bad ass in the world?

Yes, all the time I'm great. No, I'm just a normal average person.

Does your license plate say how great you are?

Oh hell yeah bro. No.

Do you wear nasty, old, smelly from last nights party clothes(wife beaters, sandles with socks, swimming trunks ect.).

All the time. If it fits wear it. Yes. No.


This test is ****ing bull****. It asks are you an *******.. NOT how much of an ******* are you? I picked the nice answers and it tells me that I'm 20% of one. I picked "never" "no I told you before I'm great". "no" "no" "no I'm just a normal average person" - which is completely true. how am I any of an ******* with getting Easily ****ed off? I can't help that I'm easily ****ed off depending on how much rest I don't get. I don't wear stupid horrible clothing what the **** is so "*******" about that?! how or why the hell would I be a tool, doesn't that mean a fool?! I'm not a fool. and maybe I don't like ****ing people off you ****ing moron. This ****ing stupid test should be changed to "HOW Much of an ******* are you?" moron! im the biggest ******* in the world so dont **** with me ha. this is pretty funny
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