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Test: Are you a jerk?

Category: Humor

Description: Are you a jerk? Find out now!!! Honest answers only!!!

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If your little cousin wanted to play tea party or some other little kid game with you while you were watching a new episode of your favorite TV show, would you do it?

Yes No

Have you ever broken up with someone indirectly?

Yes No

Have you ever cheated on your boy/girlfriend?

Yes No

Do you constantly find yourself in stupid arguments that will mean nothing in a few minutes?

Yes Yeah, but I never start them. No

Let's say you make a bet (for $10) with a little kid (like 7 years old) and the little kid loses. Do you make him pay up?

Of Course! Nah, he's just little.

Do you constantly blow off your friends?

Yes No


i am the biggest jerk out there i'm a totil jerk I just randomly clicked answers and it said I was not a jerk. uhhhhhhhhhhh im not a jerk
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