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Test: Are you a jerk?

Category: Humor

Description: Are you a jerk? Find out now!!! Honest answers only!!!

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Have you ever cheated on your boy/girlfriend?

Yes No

Have you ever broken up with someone indirectly?

Yes No

If your little cousin wanted to play tea party or some other little kid game with you while you were watching a new episode of your favorite TV show, would you do it?

Yes No

Do you constantly blow off your friends?

Yes No

Do you constantly find yourself in stupid arguments that will mean nothing in a few minutes?

Yes Yeah, but I never start them. No

Let's say you make a bet (for $10) with a little kid (like 7 years old) and the little kid loses. Do you make him pay up?

Of Course! Nah, he's just little.


i am the biggest jerk out there i'm a totil jerk I just randomly clicked answers and it said I was not a jerk. uhhhhhhhhhhh im not a jerk
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