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Test: Are you a dumb blonde?

Category: Humor

Description: heyy take my dumb blonde test i dont know how this is going to work out but let's see!!!!


What is 5+2?

11 billondy 7 1 945,968,689,96231324

Do you ever run into doors or walls?

yes of course i do im blonde no thats so stupid um...... nopers wat r u saying im dumb?(me)*that didnt make sence*

What is the sun?

a big fire ball that i going to hit earth!! the biggest star a smiling face the earth??

Do u have a boyfriend?

no yes does a stuffed aminal count?*uhh i guess* are u a boy?

What color is your hair?BE HONEST!!!

blue blonde hottie! brunette the sky is a color!

are u a boy or girl?

girl boy tomboy im nothing

What pet's do you have?

none an aminal a computer lipgloss my boyfriend a dog


The sun isn't the biggest star, it's just the closet one to earth. But besides that I liked it. Good Job!
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