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Test: Am I Gay?

Category: Humor

Description: Take this test to see if you are gay!


Masturbating is...

Fun! Fun to do with friends Not that cool. What?

Look inside your pants, what do you see?

Boxers Bikini Breifs Thong/G-String Jockstrap

If someone asked you to taste your scat for a hundred dollars would you do it?

Yeah! I would do it for free. Can I taste theirs instead? Maybe for a million. NEVER!

This picture...

Is sexy! Eeew! This is immoral! Is making me horny!

On Saturday night...

I go to the movies I stay home I watch TV Wish I could do some thing with my life

High waters and booty shorts are...

Cool Fashionable HaHaHa Ugly All I ever wear.

You are in the locker room and to guys are making out, what do you do?

Join Jerk Off Go Away Take Pictures

When hugging another guy I feel...

Aroused Uncomfortable Nothing Friendly

Have you ever stuck a finger up your ass?

Yes, for the feel of it. Every night. Only because it was itching. NEVER!

Most of your underwear's brands are...

Calvin Klien I never checked. Cin2 No brands, they are the cheap ones you get from the 45 cents store. My **** is covering up the tag.


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