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Test: gay test

Category: Humor

Description: this measures how gay you really are


do you like peeing at urinals with out dividers

yes no i'm a stall man no prefrence

what type of music do you like

pop rock country everything

how clean is your room

very clean clean enough dirty discusting

have you ever plucked, shaved, waxed, or altered your eye browls

Yes No

do you style your hair

yes no sometimes depends on my mood

have you ever saw a naked man before (not yourself)

Yes No

Which do you prefer to wear?(not what you where the most)

boxers briefs boxer briefs all of the above

have you ever jerked off to gay porn or photography

all the time some times never whats gay porn

do you shave any part of your body besides your face

pubes chest arms legs i only shave my face i shave everything

in a public restroom have you ever snuk a peek at another mans wang

Yes No

do you own a pair of briefs

Yes No

do you get erroused when you see another man taking his clothes off (in a locker room or someplace like that)

Yes No

do men ever appear in your fanticys?

Yes No

witch drink do you prefer

fruit drink coke pepsi water

have you ever french kissed a boy and liked it

yes liked it yes but didn't like it no but want to never had never will

who raised you

single mother single father mother and father other


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