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Test: The Career Test

Category: Hobbies

Description: What Job Do You Want?


Do you want a big house or a little house

True (big House) False (little House)

Do You Like to swim

Yes No

Do You Like to walk or drive

I Like to be carried everywhere I love to drive for long periods of time I only drive short periods of time like to the store People drive me

Are You Stupid

Yes No

How Old Are You

1-10 Girl 1-10 Boy Older Girl Older Boy

Are You Chunkey (are you FAT)

Yes No

What Does This Look Like to you 0(^.^)0

Random Symbols A Monkey Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?........I don't Know What Where we talking about again

Do you like having money

I cant get more than a few Cents Thats what I love to have and I always have it Bubbles are better than money I like money but I never have it


This Test Is Amazing
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