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Test: The Career Test

Category: Hobbies

Description: What Job Do You Want?


Are You Chunkey (are you FAT)

Yes No

Do you want a big house or a little house

True (big House) False (little House)

Do you like having money

I cant get more than a few Cents Thats what I love to have and I always have it Bubbles are better than money I like money but I never have it

Do You Like to walk or drive

I Like to be carried everywhere I love to drive for long periods of time I only drive short periods of time like to the store People drive me

Are You Stupid

Yes No

Do You Like to swim

Yes No

What Does This Look Like to you 0(^.^)0

Random Symbols A Monkey Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?........I don't Know What Where we talking about again

How Old Are You

1-10 Girl 1-10 Boy Older Girl Older Boy


This Test Is Amazing
Careeer Test Based On Hobbies Career Test Hobbies


Test Based On Hobbies