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Test: Dog Agility

Category: Hobbies

Description: Test on facts about dog agility

Keywords: dog agility

Relevant Website: www.animalplanet.com

A slide is not involved in agility

True False

How long do the dogs have to sit on the pause table

5 seconds 10 seconds

What kind of an obstacle is the balance beem

contact obstacle regular obstacle

A collapsed tunnel is not part of agility coures

True False

akc holds agility trials

True False

Can your dog leap off the seesaw before it touches the ground

no yes

agility is a relay for dogs

True False


Several of your questions are wrong. AKC DOES hold agility trials, the balance beam is not an obstacle in dog agility (do you mean the dog walk?), and there ARE a few relay events--pairs in USDAA and trigility in DOCNA. So these answers are all wrong.