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Test: About Twilight books

Category: Hobbies

Description: It's a test about the twilight books


In Breaking Down, Edward takes Bella to Esme island.

True False

Paul is...

Bella's schoolmate A werewolf who's in the same pack with Jacob Sam's enemy Charlie's brother

Renesmee Carlie Cullen is: (look at the picture if u really don't know)

Charlie's mother a girl Bella and Edward's daughter a boy

Edward is a...

dog werewolf little boy vampire

Which rejoin ids missing?: EDWARD-"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" BELLA-"..." EDWARD-"What a seek , masochistic lion"

"What an idiot lamb" "What a stupid lamb" "I want an ice- cream" "I must go to the toilet"

Are Bella and Edwaed getting married?

Yes No

Bella and Edward are a couple.

Yes No

Chaelie is...

Bella,s brother Alice's boyfriend Bella's father Esme's husband

Alice is Jasper's roommate.

True False

Jacob lives in a...

forest reservation big city caravan


i made a mistake.Charlie is...(not Chaelie is...)