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Test: About Twilight books

Category: Hobbies

Description: It's a test about the twilight books


Alice is Jasper's roommate.

True False

Are Bella and Edwaed getting married?

Yes No

Chaelie is...

Bella,s brother Alice's boyfriend Bella's father Esme's husband

In Breaking Down, Edward takes Bella to Esme island.

True False

Renesmee Carlie Cullen is: (look at the picture if u really don't know)

Charlie's mother a girl Bella and Edward's daughter a boy

Edward is a...

dog werewolf little boy vampire

Paul is...

Bella's schoolmate A werewolf who's in the same pack with Jacob Sam's enemy Charlie's brother

Which rejoin ids missing?: EDWARD-"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" BELLA-"..." EDWARD-"What a seek , masochistic lion"

"What an idiot lamb" "What a stupid lamb" "I want an ice- cream" "I must go to the toilet"

Jacob lives in a...

forest reservation big city caravan

Bella and Edward are a couple.

Yes No


i made a mistake.Charlie is...(not Chaelie is...)