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Test: The World War 1 Test

Category: History

Description: How well do you know WWI?

Keywords: WWI, quiz, test, World War 1

WWI began in July, 1913.

True False

Pearl Harbor was part of World War__.

1 2

Which side were the Russians on?

Entente Powers (America, etc.) Central Powers (Germany,etc)

When did WWI begin?

July 28, 1914 December 14, 1913 August 3, 1912 March 12, 1914

Who is this?

Vladimir Lenin Gregory Vladhimostok Quinten Crest-Litovsk Rapella Bolshevik

When did the cease-fire begin?

1916 1917 1918 1919

Which side were the Japanese on?

Etente Powers (America, etc.) Central Powers (Germany, etc.)

How many deaths were there in world war 1?

The more specific answer is the exact amount. 18,591,701 Over 18 Million Over 43 million A little under 23 million

what were the causes of WWI?

imperialism militarialism assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand nationalism international disguit no international peace

The cease-fire began in 1917 but the peace treaty didn't get signed until 1919

True False


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