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Test: The Christopher Columbus Test

Category: History

Description: A quiz of facts about Christopher Columbus


This king rejected Columbus's proposal to search for a western route.

John II, King of Portugal Ferdinand, King of Spain

This is a Catholic fraternal service organization named for the voyager.

The Knights of Columbus The Kings of Columbus The Catholic Brothers The Fraternity of Catholic Brotherhood

Christopher Columbus set sail for his voyage in this year.

1492 1592 1482 1582

This President set aside Columbus Day as a Federal Holiday.

Franklin Roosevelt J Edgar Hoover Nixon Jimmy Carter

Columbus was arrested in 1500.

True False

Christopher Columbus was a candidate for sainthood in the Catholic Church.

This happened in 1866. True False

Christopher Columbus was of this religion.

Roman Catholic Protestant Methodist Agnostic

Columbus never married.

True False

This state does not officially honor Columbus Day.

Hawaii Alaska California Colorado

Columbus had three brothers.

True False

Columbus died in 1505.

False True

Columbus was born in Spain.

True False

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451

True False

Columbus day is celebrated on the second Monday in October in the U.S.

True False

This state does not celebrate Columbus Day, instead they celebrate Native American Day.

South Dakota North Dakota Montana Nebraska

Columbus had two sons named

Diego and Fernando Cristobel and Diego Bartolomeo and Cristobel Domencio and Bartolomeo

When alive Columbus was appointed governor of Hispaniola.

True False

Columbus arrived in the Americas on

October 14, 1492 October 12, 1492 September 12, 1492 October 10, 1492

The ships that Columbus set sail with were named.

The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria The Nino, The Pinto, and the Santo Mario Columbus, Isabella, Ferdinand Santa Maria, The Pinte, The Nine

The first Columbus Day celebration was held in 1892.

True False


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