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Test: are you pretty

Category: Health

Description: a test to see if your pretty

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Relevant Website: sometests.com

What do you like most about your appearence

come on all of them are right you should appreciate yourself hair-keep it healthy (and please don;t shave it like brittany spears!) it's pretty as long as it doesn't look like that clothes- it's okay to not only wear clothes from hollister or american eagle aeropostale just keep them clean and wear some!!!!!!! face okay non of us have faces like movie stars but you are sure to have something pretty on you body-keep it clean and cover it up hair clothes face body

Do you explain your self as pretty???

if you said yes you are confident if you said duh your probably the populaur type and think way too much of yourself if you said no heck yes you are okay so what your not the prettiest but if your kind that's all that counts Yes DUH no

Do others think your pretty inside and out????

obisouly if you said no shape up be nice you anly have one life live it right!!!!!!!! Yes No


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