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Test: TJ

Category: Health

Description: What age do you act like?


What type of tennis shoes to you wear?

Flat soles High heels Comfortable shoes Any kind that matched my outfit

When you walk do your knees go out on you?

Yes No

How long has it been since you graduated high school?

5 years 2 years Still in it Haven't got to that point yet

I go outside a lot.

True False

How do you spell that really long word on "Mary Poppins"?

Superkalafragulisticxsexpealadoches Supercalafragalistiksexpialidoshes Suprekalafagalistiksxpealiadosheas Supercalafraagilistikcsxpeialadoshess

What do you do when you get home from wherever?

Talk on the phone Do dishes Get on the computer Sit on couch

How do you act around others?

Go in another room Talk and greet Get angry Sit and go on with your life

I still live with my parents?

True False

When you see younger people you wish you were like them?

I am young so...... Wish I was one again Think of what I could do to them Ignore them and walk on

If you get on the computer what do you do?

Get on Myspace Look up health descriptions Get on random stuff Chat with people you have no idea who you are talking to

What would you rather do at home on the weekends?

Sit at home Eat Work until 12 in the afternoon Be on the computer all day long