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Test: quartely test

Category: Geography

Description: practice for quarterly

Keywords: state capital compass

Relevant Website: none

rocky runs along the west coats

moutains love shoe city

true or false the chesapeake bay is in maryland

True False

what capital is northwest of phoenix

sacramento santa fe salt lake city denver sacramento sacramento

yes or no pennsylvania borders maryland

Yes No

what is the 49 state and 50 state and the first state

alaska,hawaii, washington canada,mexico ,united state japan,egypt,india atlantic occean,gulf of mexico,pacific ocean

what is it called when there is a chain of island to form a land

archipelago peninsula love music

miami is a major city

yes maybe no i dont know

lake huron is a

great lake state city coat

which state is peninsula

florida hawaii oregon washington

true or false augusta is the capital of florida

True False