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Test: geography quiz

Category: Geography

Description: how much do you know about the world? this will test you on populations, densities, and land.

Keywords: geography earth population quiz test smart population density land mass

which of the following is true for the highest to lowest population?

China, India, USA, Indonesia China, USA, Indonesia, India China, India, Indonesia, USA China, Indonesia, USA, India China, Indonesia, India, USA China, USA, India, Indonesia

fossil fuels are a renewable source of energy:

True False

the greatest land mass to least land mass is as follows (of course, including Russia):

Canada, USA, China Canada, China, USA USA, Canada, China USA, China, Canada China, USA, Canada China, Canada, USA

wind is a renewable source

True False

Solar is a renewable energy source:

True False

what is this place (highlighted in light brown)?

brazil paraguay india aurstria

which one of these is the earleist religion?

Judaism Buhdism Christianity Islam

what is the most populated state in america?

California New York Texas florida

coal is a renewable energy source:

True False

What is the most dense state in America?

New Jersey New York California Massachusetts

water is a renewable source of energy:

True False


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