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Test: Topography Map Test

Category: Geography

Description: general knowledge of topo maps


What is the legal description of A?

W 1/2 , SW 1/4, SW 1/4, SE 1/4, Section 17, Range 15, Township 21 W 1/2 , SW 1/4, SW 1/4, SE 1/4, Section 17 W 1/2 , SW 1/4, SW 1/4, SE 1/4 W 1/2, SW 1/4, SE 1/4

On a Topo Map, blue represents forest.

True False

Contor lines must do what? Select all that apply.

close on themselves be brown be blue have different shapes

What is the most common scale of a topo map?

1:24000 1:1 1:24 2:48000

The most common map is a _____ min. map.

7 1 200 7.5

What does black stand for on a topo map?

water manmade objects contor lines hills

Anything that is white represents what?

forest non-forest water contor lines

Where is the contor intervel found?

below the map above the map the right side of the map the left side of the map

When you get close to a ridge, what do the contor lines do.

get closer become disconected set on top of them selves become black


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