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Test: Name that Landmark Quiz

Category: Geography

Description: This is a quiz that will test you knowledge of famous landmarks from around the world


This statue is known as the Brazilian Christ.

True False

This natural wonder located in the United States is known as:

The Grand Canyon Mount Rushmore The Bad Lands Carlsbad Caverns

This structure is known as:

Big Ben Buckingham Palace The Ivory Tower The Washington Monument

This famous monument located in Washington D.C. is known as:

The Lincoln Memorial The Jefferson Memorial The Washington Monument The Gettysburg Monument

This is known as the Berlin Wall.

False True

This famous landmark is known as:

The Washington Monument The Bennington Monument The Jefferson Monument The Lincoln Monument


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This building is known as:

Taj Mahal Umaid Bhawan Palace City Palace Jaipur The Trump Palace

This famous landmark is known as.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa The Leaning Tower of Italy The Italian Tower Pisa Plaza

This structure is known as The Arch of Paris.

True False

This building is known as "The Cathedral."

True False

This structure is named:

Buckingham Palace Grand Central Station The Palace of Versailles Ontario Provincial Palace

This is known as the Vatican

True False

This natural landmark is known as:

Niagara Falls The Reversing Falls Laja Falls Rainbow Falls

This building is known as the Palace of Versailles.

True False

This famous landmark is known as Mount Rushmore.

True False

This structure located in Paris, France is known as:

The Eiffel Tower The Tower The Paris Tower France's Tower

This building is known as the Australian Opera House.

True False

This landmark is known as the Korean War Memorial.

True False

This famous landmark is known as:

The Statue of Liberty The Statue of Freedom Mrs. Liberty Liberty U.S.A.

This is known as.

Times Square in New York City Times Square of Tokoy Radio City Music Hall Washington D.C.


yup, if you're going to make a quiz, have the right answers. The previous post is correct...both answers are wrong in the quiz. Sydney Opera House and the L'Arc de Triumph. It's the L'arc de Triumph not The Arch of Paris. And it's the Sydney Opera House, not the Australia Opera House. ...by the way. woo! i passed!
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