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Test: star wars kotor 1 test

Category: Gaming

Description: the title pretty much explains it :)


which of the following id not an alien in the game..

gommorean ratgoul bith twilek

what is the name of the rakata in the box that must not be opened..

denom jarakk he doesnt have a name none of the above

Durring the game you find 9 charactors that are willing to join you in your quest..

True False

The star forge was created by:

the sith the rakatta the jedi the selketh

What is the promised land..

another name for the star forge a place in the taris outcast legend the upper city of taris no such thing

Between the both of your droids one can talk..

True False

Canderous was the head of the Manderlorian clan "Ordo"..

True False

Zaalbar is known as a mad claw because he attacked his father with his claws..

Yes No

You can make Zaalbar kill Mission..

True False

What is the name of Carths friend that tells him about his son being alive..

justin jordo carl amdren

Jolee used to be a jedi, was he on the dark or light side?

he was on the dark side he was neither he was on the light side none of the above he was never a jedi

Carth thinks Bastila is really ugly..

True False

how old is mission?

13 15 18 14

Juhani fell to the dark side because her master attacked her..

True False

There are..

7 planets, 2 space stations and 3 space ships you visit 8 planets, 3 ships and 1 space station you visit 5 planets, 2 ships and no space station you visit none of the above

hk-47 is..

a driod that a woman is obsessed with on dantooine malaks old droid a driod you made none of the above

When carth and Bastila talk about how she was captured by the Vulkars Carth makes fun of her for..

loosing her light saber not being able to fight them what shes wearing falling unconcious

Which of the following was not a riddle you or the rakata in the misterious box recited..

a riddle about a flame and a giza a riddle about a mountain a riddle about stars a riddle about reflections


it is fricken stuoied stupid
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