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Test: guitar hero quiz (on the song's artists) all GH games

Category: Gaming

Description: if you play enough guiter hero (like me) you will know the answers

Keywords: guitar hero guitarhero music songs artists

the hardest songs (respectivley) in guitar hero 2, 3, and world tour where (no DLC):

Jordan, Through the Fire and the Flames, Satch Boogie Free Bird, Raining Blood, Scream Aim Fire Jordan, Raining Blood, Satch boogie Jordan, Through the Fire and the Flames, Scream Aim Fire Free Bird, Through the Fire and the Flames, Satch Boogie

the biggest difference in difficulty for most people (i know it was for me and all my freinds) is between:

easy and medium medium and hard hard and expert

the so called 'red snake' (this was totally me playing) is from:

through the fire and the flames the devil went down to georgia we three kings raining blood

Beast and the Harlot was made by:

avenged sevenfold bullet for my valentine the confession killswitch engaged

Satch boogie was made by:

Joe Satriani Steve Vai Eric Johnson Yngwie Malmsteen

dahbeegcheez (my gamertag) is the best guitar hero player ever:

True True True True

what is the 378th in TTFATF? JK, Cult of personality was made by:

Living Colour Vernon Reid Fishbone King's X

paint it black was made by:

the rolling stones the who led zepplin cream

in which game did you not have to be in time for hammer-ons?

guitar hero 3 guitar hero 2 guitar hero 1 guitar hero world tour guitar hero metallica guitar hero rock the 80's guitar hero aerosmith rock band rock band 2

who wrote One?

Metallica Anthrax Trivium Iron Maiden

in practice mode what song has many parts that whine (two answers)?

monsters welcome to the jungle tom morello guitar battle cliffs of dover

in coop mode, it is possible to achieve one million points in One:

True False

who wrote 'Rock Your Like a Hurricane'?

Scorpions Beatles Ratt Journey

in coop mode it is possible to score one million points on number of the beast:

True False

the last song in guitar hero two is:

Free bird Institutionalized Hanger 18 Jordan

in coop mode, it is possible to achieve one million points in raining blood:

True False


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