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Test: Zelda quiz

Category: Gaming

Description: nintendo quiz for nintendo fans.

Keywords: nintendo Mario zelda Kirby

Relevant Website: nintendo.com

What is the name of links fairy in ocarina of time.

navi Midna Fi toast Nayru

What is the first dungeon in ocarina of time called

inside the deku tree jabu jabus belly the forest temple the toast temple

In the wind waker what is the name of your boat

the king of red lions the queen of green zebras the king of breAd lions the queen of red lions

What is the name of the bird people in wind water

the Rico tribe The rito tribe the doritos tribe the duck tribe

The three goddesses of the triforce are named

Din Nayru and Farore din rary and Faroe don rayar and farrow peNutbutter toast and jam

Zelda is the hero

True False

What triforce pieces do link Zelda and Gabon have.

ganon power Zelda courage and link wisdom ganon wisdom Zelda power and link courage link courage Zelda wisdom and Ganon power link toast ganon tuna and Zelda rasberry

What is the name of the villain

Ganon canon pig guy bowser gannnnnon Gammon

What are the property's of the three triforce pieces.

wisdom courage and power smart evil and pretty courage wisdom and evil light dark and zelda Courage power and pretty

Who is Zelda

The hero the princess the villain a piece of toast