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Test: ZX Spectrum games test

Category: Gaming

Description: Test your knowledge on the games of the ZX Spectrum home computer

Name the geography teacher in Back to Skool.

Mr Whacker Mr Creak Mr Rockett Mr Withit

How many objects do you need to drop into the cauldron, in order to complete Knight Lore?

12 13 14 15

How many islands are there in Carrier Command?

16 32 48 64

What number key do you have to press in conjunction with others, in order to switch caverns in Manic Miner?

4 5 6 7

Which teleporter code in Starquake leads you to the planet's core?


Approximately how many carriages does the train have in Stop the Express?

15 20 25 30

Penetrator was released by which software house?

Ocean Imagine Psion Melbourne House

How many items do you need to collect in order to complete Jet Set Willy?

83 84 85 86

What is the punk called in Everyone's a Wally?

Tom **** Harry Wally

In Atic Atac, what can the Wizard walk though?

Clocks Wardrobes Mirrors Bookcases

What is the seventeenth cavern in Manic Miner called?

The Bank Amoebatron's Revenge Solar Power Generator The Warehouse

How many games feature Sabreman as the main character?

3 4 5 6

Name the initial main character in Where Time Stood Still.

Dirk Jarret Gloria Clive

What's the fifth event in Hyper Sports?

Triple jump Skeet shooting Weight lifting Archery

How many levels does Chuckie Egg have, before it repeats itself?

64 128 256 512

Ant Attack was written by whom?

Sandy White Jon Ritman Tim Stamper Mike Richardson

What is the third highest ranking in Elite?

Dangerous Vicious Competent Deadly

La Pulga was re-released in the UK under what name?

Sir Fred Bugaboo the Flea Army Moves Navy Moves

Name the woman baddie in the game Movie by Imagine.

Vanya Tanya Gloria Rosemary

How many levels does The Sentinel have?

100 1000 10000 100000


I managed to get 35% by just guessing ALL the answers
Jet Set Willy How Many Items Zx Spectrum Games Trivia How Many Items Do You Need To Collect In Jet Set Willy 227701 Dirk Gloria Jarret ZX Sir Fred Amoebatron Game Movie Spectrum Tanya Vanya How Many Items In Jet Set Willy Movie Spectrum Vanya Tanya How Many Items Do You Have To Collect In Jet Set Willy


Set Willy How Many


Zx Spectrum Games Trivia


You Need To Collect


227701 Dirk Gloria Jarret


Sir Fred Amoebatron Game


Tanya Vanya Have