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Test: The Star Wars: KOTOR 2 Test

Category: Gaming

Description: A Test on the sequel to the 2003 Game Of The Year.

Keywords: KOTOR 2, KOTOR, Star Wars, Star Wars Test

What is the name of the planet where the last battle of the Mandalorian Wars was fought?

Malachor V Dxun Onderon Malachor VI

True Or False: Kreia trained Darth Malak.

True False

Kreia is also known as which sith lord?

Darth Traya Darth Kreia She isn't a sith lord

What is the name of Visas' master?

Darth Sion Darth Nihilus Darth Traya

Darth Traya was the master of which of these sith lords?

Darth Sion Darth Nihilus Both of them Neither of them

The only tomb on Korriban that you can enter in KOTOR 2 belongs to which Sith Lord?

Ludo Kressh Naga Sadow Ajunta Pall Marka Ragnos

How many droids are there in your party?

HK-47, Remote, G0-T0, and T3-M4 Four Three Two One

True Or False: Handmaiden's mother was a Sith Lord.

True False

True Or False: Kreia trained Darth Revan.

True False

What is the name of the handmaiden?

Brianna Visas Sarna Elise

What is the name of the Sith Academy on Malachor V?

Trayus Academy Academy of Malachor V

What species of alien is Visas?

Miraluka Human Duros Ithorian

What is the name of the swoop racing droid on Nar Shaddaa?

C9-T9 B4-D4 C3-G3 R7-H7

Chodo Habat is what species of alien?

Ithorian Devaronion Twi'lek Weequay

What is the name of Handmaiden's mother?

Arren Kae Sarna Jaak Fraya Lynn Rayn Gorr

True Or False: Nar Shaddaa is a moon.

True False

True Or False: Bao-Dur is a Zabrak male.

True False

What species is also known as the "Dark side Dragons"?

Hssiss Krayt Dragons Dewbacks

What is Atton's last name?

Rand Jast Kent

What is the name of Darth Nihilus' flag ship?

The Ravager The Leviathan The Harbinger

What was the name of the Republic ship that your character was on before he/she awoke on Peragus?

The Harbinger The Ravager The Leviathan

What was the name of the miner that wanted to sell you to the exchange?

Coorta Lootra Morta Corda

True Or False: Kreia trained Handmaiden's mother.

True False

What is Visas' last name?

Marr Kast Lorno

How many of your allies can you train to be jedi?

Mira, Handmaiden, Atton, And Bao-Dur. Four Three Two One None

What is the name the disciple?

Mical Michael Zherron Dasev

What is the name of the wookiee who has sworn a life debt to Mira?

Hanhaar Freyyr Zaalbar

True Or False: Mandalore is Canderous Ordo.

True False


This was indeed a good quiz. Some questions are wrong though. But the guy blow explained everything. Anyway, fun quiz. Two of the questions are wrong, #6 and 7. Nihilus is Visas' master, not Sion. And Kreia didn't train the Handmaiden's mother. In fact, there's a lot of evidence in the game to suggest that Kreia *is* the Handmaiden's mother. But either way, Kreia did not train Arren Kae. Still, I pretty good quiz. It's easy for anyone who's played the game... say... two dozen times, but still fun. :D good test This is a cool test!
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