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Test: The Sims

Category: Gaming

Description: What do you think of the sims?


Which is the best.

Sims 1 Sims 2

What is the best expansion pack?

Nightlife Bon voyage Open for buisness Family fun

What Band were featured in The urbz?

Black eyed Peas Kaiser Chiefs The killers Queen

Which is the best platform to play Sims on?

PC Playstation Gamecube DS

The urbz is Great whatever platform it is on

True False

Which of these was a job on free-play in the sims Bustin out?

Rock Star Paramilatary Jock NHS

What is your opinion on the sims?

It's GREAT!!!!! It's alright... It is the single-most crappest thing I have ever played in my life.

The sims is best for PC

True False

Do you like the look of the Sims 3?

Yes No

Which sims game is the best?

All of them! None they all suck. Sims 2 pets for PS2 Sims Castaway


u suck!!!!