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Test: The Halo 3 Test

Category: Gaming

Description: How much do you know about Halo 3?

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Guilty Spark at least partially Controls which of the following in Halo 3?

UNSC The Flood The Covenant The Forerunners

How many levels are in Halo 3?

9 10 13 15

What is the job of Grunts for the covenant?

Cannon Fodders Scouts Light Infantry Distractions

What are the flood?

A parasitic alien lifeform Water based mammals A race that was created by the Halos A creature that came from the oceans of one of the Halos

What is the job of the Jackals for the covenant?

Scouts Cannon Fodders Slaves Body Guards

The City of New Mombasa features in Halo 3, but What country is Mombasa in?

Kenya Nigeria Egypt Zambia

What type of armor does Master Chief use?

Mark VI MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor Mark VI MJOLNIR Shielded Suit Mark VII MOLNJRI Sen-Erikkson Hydraulic Battle Armor

Which one of these is actually a ship in Halo 3?

In Amber Clad Over Silver Hills Bronzed Arrow Flight Aero-Head Marksman

What is Guilty Spark's number?

343 436 119 704

What is the job of the Drones for the covenant?

Airborne Marksman Scouts Light Infantry Spotters

How many GamerScore Points can you get in Halo 3?

1000 500 750 250

How many achievements can you get in Halo 3?

49 50 25 40


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