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Test: The Halo 2 Quiz

Category: Gaming

Description: Test your trivia knowledge of the game Halo 2.

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How many levels are there?

11 12 13 14

True Or Fase: All jackals can wield snipers.

True False

What is the brute's true name?

Jiralhanae Unggoy Sangheili Regas-Holo

What is the prophet's true name?

Prophets Aqualish Barunabush Layk'dole

True Or False: Hunters are used more like heavy artillery than infantry.

True False

What is the hunter's true name?

Lekgolo Yanme'e Jiralhanae Fyrialbae

What is the drone's true name?

Yanme'e Lekgolo Dronisie Shirah'nae

How many types of elites are there in Halo 2?

4 5 6 7

What is the jackal's true name?

Kig-Yar Sangheili Unggoy Lekgolo

What is the elites true name?

Sangheili Chadra-Fan Kig-Yar Lekgolo

What is the Grunt's true name?

Unggoy Feyit-Ralosh Galckoy Sangheili


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