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Test: The Halo 2 Quiz

Category: Gaming

Description: Test your trivia knowledge of the game Halo 2.

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What is the hunter's true name?

Lekgolo Yanme'e Jiralhanae Fyrialbae

What is the elites true name?

Sangheili Chadra-Fan Kig-Yar Lekgolo

True Or Fase: All jackals can wield snipers.

True False

What is the drone's true name?

Yanme'e Lekgolo Dronisie Shirah'nae

What is the Grunt's true name?

Unggoy Feyit-Ralosh Galckoy Sangheili

How many levels are there?

11 12 13 14

What is the brute's true name?

Jiralhanae Unggoy Sangheili Regas-Holo

What is the jackal's true name?

Kig-Yar Sangheili Unggoy Lekgolo

How many types of elites are there in Halo 2?

4 5 6 7

True Or False: Hunters are used more like heavy artillery than infantry.

True False

What is the prophet's true name?

Prophets Aqualish Barunabush Layk'dole


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