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Test: The Runescape Survay

Category: Gaming

Description: Every answer is right because a survay has no wrong answers-just what you think of runescaoe if you play it.

Keywords: Runescape survay no wrong answers

Relevant Website: www.sometests.com/test/therunescapesurvay

Do you enjoy Playing runescape?

Yes No Not Sure

Do you like runescape?

Yes No Not sure

Do you think runescape could get better or it is just fine how it is now?

Runescape can get a lot better than this I think runescape is the best it can be

What level is your highest level (Besides your combat level) out of the following:

Either Strength,Attack,Defence or Hitpoints Either Woodcutting,Fire Making or Prayer Either Cooking,Mining,Fishing or Magic

Are you a boy or girl (In runescape)?

Boy Girl

What is your Character's Combat level?

Levels 1-10 Levels 11-40 Levels 41-99 Levels 100-120 121+

ARe you a free member or a member-member (Who have upgraded your account)

Free account Member account


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