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Test: The Runescape Survay

Category: Gaming

Description: Every answer is right because a survay has no wrong answers-just what you think of runescaoe if you play it.

Keywords: Runescape survay no wrong answers

Relevant Website: www.sometests.com/test/therunescapesurvay

What is your Character's Combat level?

Levels 1-10 Levels 11-40 Levels 41-99 Levels 100-120 121+

What level is your highest level (Besides your combat level) out of the following:

Either Strength,Attack,Defence or Hitpoints Either Woodcutting,Fire Making or Prayer Either Cooking,Mining,Fishing or Magic

Do you enjoy Playing runescape?

Yes No Not Sure

Are you a boy or girl (In runescape)?

Boy Girl

Do you think runescape could get better or it is just fine how it is now?

Runescape can get a lot better than this I think runescape is the best it can be

Do you like runescape?

Yes No Not sure

ARe you a free member or a member-member (Who have upgraded your account)

Free account Member account


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