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Test: The Call Of Duty 4 Test

Category: Gaming

Description: See how much you know about COD4.


Which character is not killed in the nuclear explosion and joins he SAS for the last few missions?

SSgt. Griggs Pvt. Freeborn Cpl. Rickabaugh Cpt. Abiamiri

Where do the joint SAS/Russian Loyalists troops finally find Khaled Al-Asad?

Azerbaijan Prypiat, Ukraine Russia Unamed middle eastern coutry

During the briefing of the assassination mission, when does Price say the last autherized assassination was?

WWII WWI Grande Mariago, March 16, 1982 This was the first time

Of the SAS missions?

"Soap" MacTavish Gaz Lt./Col. Hardesty Cpl. Hitchcock

Who is the playable character of the Marine Force Recon missions of the campaign?

Sgt. Jackson SSgt. Barzelovich Lt. Price Lt. Valasquez

How long has it been since the flashback mission (when you control Lt. Price)?

15 years 10 years 6 months 20 years

How many kills do you have to get in a row to get a kill streak (first kill streak)?

10 3 5 8

In COD4 multiplayer, what is commonly refered to as a "Noob-tube"?

Barrel attached grenade launcher Shotgun Handheld grenade launcher Rocket Launcher

What is the perk in multiplayer that drops a grenade when you are killed?

Martyrdom Last stand Overkill Bye Bye

What mode brings you back to level one (after you reach level 55) and gives you new rank symbols as you level up?

Prestige mode Osessive Mode Inviceable Mode Indestructable mode


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