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Test: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Test

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Description: So, you think you know a thing or two about KOTOR 2, huh? Prove it.


If you train Brianna (Handmaiden) to be a Jedi/Sith, what class will she be?

Guardian Sentinal Consular

True Or False: If you install the "Neural Pacifier" into HK-47, he actually doesn't like to kill things.

True False

What was the name of the republic ship that was sent to Peragus to investigate its destruction?

The Sojourn The Harbinger The invisible Hand

If you train Atton to be a Jedi/Sith, what class will he be?

Sentinal Guardian Consular

Where is the "infinite Hssiss glitch"?

Ludo Kressh's tomb Valley of the Dark Lords The Academy There is no "infinite Hssiss glitch"

Which one of the council members was your friend?

Master Kavar Master Vrook Atris None of them were your friend

What planet is Visas Marr from?

Katarr Talravin Miraluke VII Dagary Minor

Who is the first sith lord you meet?

Darth Traya Darth Sion Darth Nihilus

According to Kreia, who is the greatest lightsaber duelist of all time?

Tulak Hord Naga Sadow Marka Ragnos Exar Kun Ludo Kressh

Which of the following is the only aggresive Force power that can not be resisted?

Force Crush Death Field Force Storm Force Plague

What type of assasin droid try to kill you in KOTOR 2?

HK-50 HK-47 HK-45

What do you lay on The Ravager?

Proton Cores Proton Torpedos Permacrete Detonators

What Force power do you learn from Visas Marr?

Force Sight Force Enlightenment Force Rage Force Crush

What is the level up capacity for KOTOR 2?

50 35 25 20

What is the name of the Disciple?

Mical Keelin Niko Arax

Among the party members who you can choose to infiltrate the Sith Tomb of Freedan Nadd, which one does Kreia believe to be the best choice for the job?

Mandalore Bao-Dur Visas Marr Atton Rand


im on telos still and i got half right! it is tough, I did well, BUT no cigar!!!!!!!!!!
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