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Test: How well do you know Runescape?

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Description: A test about Runescape

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Is Mobilising Armies North of Feldip Hills?

Yes No

What level does your Runecrafting level have to be to make nature runes?

44 55 66 33

Dragon battleaxe special puts up the users attack.

True False

What skill takes the longest to get to 99?

Slayer Runecrafting Prayer Fletching

What godsword costs the most money?

Armadyl Bandos Saradomin Zamorak

To get through the gate from Lumbridge to Al Kharid for free you must complete the Quest Prince Ali Rescue.

True False

What bow does not require ammo to be shot?

Crystal bow Dark bow Magic bow Standard bow

What level do you start out as in Runescape?

138 56 1 3 27

Dragon claws special is called Slice and Dice.

True False

World 100 is members.

True False

Is there any cheats for Runescape?

Yes No

What herb requires 75 Herblore to clean?

Torstol Snapdragon Dwarf weed Ranarr

Which Quest is the easiest?

Witch's Potion While Guthix Sleeps Recipe for Disaster Monkey Madness

What is the highest level pet for Summoning?

Dragon Monkey Zamorak hawk Vulture

What Barrows item set can hit over 100?

Dharoks Torags Guthans

How much does a Skill Cape(Acheivement Cape)cost?

99999GP Free 100K 1M

The best pet for summoning a Zamorak hawk.

True False

What is the newest skill available?

Summoning Hunter Farming Construction

You need 275 Quest points to start While Guthix Sleeps.

Yes No

What range weapon can hit up to 30, no matter what your Ranged level is?

Dwarf cannon Bronze dart Iron arrow Chinchompa


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Snapdragon Farming Runescape Runescape Slice And Dice


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