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Test: Are You a Gamer?

Category: Gaming

Description: Take this test to prove to yourself if you are a Gamer!

Keywords: Gamer Test Game

Does "lol" mean Laughing Outloud?

No Yes

Video Games are good for the human mind.

True False I don't care.

How many Xbox 360 controllers can be used with Xbox 360 at a time?

2 7 4 3

The only time when a gamer actually talks to the screen is when:

he cusses at it. flirts with it. sweet talks it.

What does "WoW" stand for?

Why oh Why World of Warcraft When or Where It just means "wow!"

Is the online show "PurePwnage" a real online show?

Yes No

How many hours a day does a real gamer spend playing video games?

12-18 26 8-12 6

What does the "Ring of Death" mean in terms of Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 doesn't work. It's a game. It is a color of the Xbox The circle of green lights turn red.

What does the word "uber" mean?

High Skills, Best gear High skills, Best gear, Best player Best Gear, no skills Best Player

How was the gaming word "Pwned" created?

It was created back in the 80's I don't care how it was created Someone misspelled "Owned" I never heard of that word.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade and Guild Wars both have a subscription fee.

False True

Was Playstation 3 recalled due to a defect?

Yes No

Do gamers have a chance at life?

Yes No Maybe

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction only works on Xbox 360.

True False

How many alphabet keys are on a keyboard?

14 29 26 22

Is Blizzard Entertainment a real game company?

No Yes

Where does the word "uber" come from?

Germany Britain U.S.A Africa

What game is this picture from?

Pokemon StarCraft World of Warcraft GTA IV


btw "uber" means big you idiot... for exampl,e that guy over there is a uber noob ¬.¬ This test bearly has anything to do with being a gamer... you suck ¬.¬ I have to say it but... your notb a gamer! :o
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