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Test: The Immaculate Reception Test

Category: Football (NFL)

Description: A quiz on the amazing play.

Keywords: immaculate reception, franco harris

Which formation were the Steelers using?

Shotgun T-Form Special Teams A never seen formation

Who was Pittsburgh playing?

Oakland Raiders Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins San Diego Chargers

What was the controversy on this play?

The ball touched the ground. An offensive foul was preformed. Another offensive player touched it before Harris caught it.. All of these.

What was the score before the play?

7-6 Visiting Team 0-6 Visiting Team 7-6 Pittsburgh 13-10 Visiting Team

How long was left in the game?

Under 1 minute in the 4th 10 seconds left in game 5 seconds left in game

Who caught the immaculate reception?

Franco Harris Louis Lipps John Stallworth

Pittsburgh was on which down?

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

In 1995 a video was made on the 100 touchdowns, what place did the immaculate reception come in?

1st 2nd 13th 34th

What was the number of the player who caught the immaculate reception?

32 88 85 34 43


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