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Test: New England Patriots Trivia Test

Category: Football (NFL)

Description: Just how well do you know the New England Patriots?

Relevant Website: http://www.patriots.com

Tom Brady was drafted by the Patriots in 2000 during which round?

1st 2nd 4th 6th

In 1993 the Patriots logo was changed from the "Pat Patriot" to the:

Flying Elvis Minuteman George Washington Patriot Hero

The 1985 New England Patriots made it to the Superbowl with a regular season record of:

10-6 11-5 13-3 14-2

The Patriots won Super Bowls XXXVI (36), XXXVIII (38) and XXXIX(39) by an equal margin of victory. By how many points in total have the Patriots outscored their opponents in these Super Bowl victories?

9 18 21 30

The Patriots won their first division championship in:

1961 1963 1978 1985

The original team name was the:

New England Lobstermen Massachuttes Minutemen Boston Patriots Harbor Patriots

In the last game in the new season of 2007 what was the score?

38 23 12 34 45 35

From 1963–1968 the Patriots called "Fenway Park" their home.

True False

How much money was Bill Belichick fined for his role in illegal videotaping?

$50,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000

The New England Patriots defeated which team to win their first Superbowl championship?

St. Louis Rams Dallas Cowboys Carolina Panthers Philadelphia Eagles

Tom Brady got his start with the New England Patriots when this QB was injured:

Drew Bledsoe Matt Cassel Tony Eason Jim Plunkett

Who did Troy Brown overtake as the Patriots all-time leading receiver in 2006?

Deion Branch Stanley Morgan Terry Glenn Irving Fryar

In the 2002 offseason, Drew Bledsoe was traded to the:

Detroit Lions Dallas Cowboys Oakland Raiders Buffalo Bills

The 1985 New England Patriots lost the Superbowl to which team?

New York Giants Dallas Cowboys San Fransisco 49ers Chicago Bears

During their worst season, the Patriots had a record of 1-15. What year was this?

1960 1973 1981 1990

Bill Belichick's first season ended with the Patriots having a 10-6 record.

True False

Who was the first head coach of the Patriots?

Lou Saban Billy Sullivan Chuck Fairbanks Mike Holovak

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXVIII (38)?

Deion Branch Tom Brady Kevin Faulk Terry Glenn

Who did the Patriots draft in the first round of 2001?

Troy Brown Adam Vinatieri Drew Bledsoe Richard Seymour

The Pats lost their first game by a score of 13–10 against the Denver Broncos. What was the year?

1959 1960 1963 1966

Bill Belichick won a Super Bowl with the Patriots during his ____ year of coaching them.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th


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