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Test: NFl test

Category: Football (NFL)

Description: Nfl, fun, got to know nfl to do good on this quiz


Have the Bengals won a super bowl?

Yes No

Do you think you did good on this test?

Yes No

How many teams does New York have?

0 1 3 2

What is the Baltimore football team?

Bengals Ravens Hawks Jets

How many yards is an intentional facemask penalty?

15 yards 10 yards 5 yards

Who is the coach for the Cincinnati Bengals?

Marvin Lewis Reid Hartman Bob Shultz Bill Nye

How many teams are in the NFL?

30 teams 28 teams 32 teams 34 teams

How many teams are in each division?

6 4 2 3

Ohio has two NFL teams.

True False

The NFL stands for Northern Football League.

True False