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Test: Giant Questions Off The Top of My Head

Category: Football (NFL)

Description: Fun Little Quiz

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This coach was soon fired after "the Fumble Game"; Bill Arnsparger.

True False FALSE!

1934 Sneaker Bowl; Who was the Giants QB?

Y.A. Tittle Ed Danowski Bobby Layne 'Slingin' MC Goldbenberg Why I know this I have no clue.ED DANOWSKI!

The 2 teams to beat the Giants during the 1985 season (they went on to beat the Broncos that year in SB21).

Cowboys & Seahawks Raiders & Lions Redskins & Cowboys Lions & Raiders COWBOYS & SEAHAWKS!

Phil simms was....

African-American Of German descent A former jockey Whiter than snow If you got this wrong,whew! The last one stupid!

Fran Tarkenton went to Georgia St. University.

True False FALSE!

Early 70's The Giants had a player named Rocky Thompson. What was his most important role on the team?

2nd Tight End Original H-Back Kick-off Returner Idiot who got me sodas whilst I sat thru another loss Dude was FAST! Kick-off Returner

Famous "immaculate Reception Game", what former Giant was the intended for?

Ernie Koy John Fuqua Tucker Fredrickson Bobby Duhon JOHN " FRENCHY " FUQUA

3-peat? Hah! What Jint pretty much made that a little more difficult by converting a fake punt into a 1st down?

Lee Rouson Carl Banks Ryan Ortiz Gary Reasons GARY REASONS YOU IDIOT!

This Giant was the 1st to rush for 1000 yds.in one season.

Ron Johnson Joe Morrison Joe Morris Eddie Price Ron Johnson STUPID!

For Jersey folks. What high school did Butch Woolfolk attend?

Westfield High Rahway High Roselle Park High Union High WestfieldHigh!