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Test: Football Quiz

Category: Football (NFL)

Description: how much do you now about football?


Who did Jack Tatum paralyze during a regular season game in 1978?

Earl Campbell Franco Harris Darryl Stingley Bob Griese

Who Drafted Brett Favre in the 1991 NFL draft?

Minnesota Vikings Kansas City Chiefs Atlanta Falcons Houston Oilers

who won the super bowl in 1997?

Detroit Lions New Orleans Saints Denver Broncos San Francisco 49ers

Who coached the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1992-2006?

Mike Tomlin Don Shula Bill Cowher Hank Stram

Who won the 1985 superbowl?

New England Patriots New York Giants Chicago Bears Pittsburgh Steelers

The Minnesota Vikings won 4 super bowls,one in 1969, and the others in the 1970's

True False

Norm Van Broklin Coached The Minnesota Vikings from 1961-1966

True False

Who is the oldest franchise in NFL history?

Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Arizona Cardinals Chicago Bears

The 1972 dolphins were the only team to go undefeated and to win the superbowl at the same time

True False

Who became the first AFL franchise to win the superbowl?

Kansas City Chiefs San Diego Chargers New York Jets Houston Oilers

Did Tom Brady start for the New England Patriots in 2000?

Yes No