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Test: Carolina Panthers Test

Category: Football (NFL)

Description: See how much you know about Carolina Panther history.


Relevant Website: www.panthers.com

What year did the panthers draft Steve Smith?

2001 2000 1999 2002

The original stadium for the Panthers could hold over _______ people?

70,000 80,000 90,000 60,000

Which of the following had the highest total winning percentage?

Dom Capers George Seifert

True Or False: The founder of the Panthers was also the owner.

True False

Who was the 1st head coach of the Panthers?

Dom Capers George Seifert John Fox

True Or False: The Panthers were the 28th franchise to enter the NFL.

True False

Who founded the Panthers?

Jerry Richardson Jesse Helms Jim Martin Ernest Hollings

True Or False: John Kasay was on the Panthers in their first season.

True False

What year did the Carolina Panthers become an NFL franchise?

1993 1995 1994 1992

True Or False: John Kasay lead the Panthers in All-time scoring as of 2008.

True False


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