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Test: The Candy Quiz

Category: Food

Description: A test all about classic candies!

What is the name of this candy?

Reddish Fish Gummy Fish Swedish Fish Sweet Salmons

NECCO stands for:

New England Confectionery Company Northeastern Candy Company New England Candy Crafting Organization Nottingham Eatery of Candy Confections

What type of candy is this?

Candy corn Candy fingernails Thanksgiving sugars Candy cones

What is the name of this candy?

Gelatin Bears Happy Pandas Friendly Ghosts Gummy Bears

Name this candy:

Sweet Tart Soldiers Sour Patch Kids Sour Statues Sugar Babies

Classic Tootsie Rolls are a ______________ candy.

chocolatey vanilla sour spicy cinnamon

What is the name of this candy?

Good & Plenty M&M's Chocolate Spheres Smarties

Atomic Fireballs were invented in 1895 by Nello Ferrara.

True False

Name this candy:

Smarties Sweettarts Sour Discs Flat Sours

The candy "Razzles" is candy & gum.

True False


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