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Test: r u girly

Category: Entertainment

Description: yo see ur personality

Keywords: r u

did paris hilton go to jail

True False

wat kind of boiz do u like

hot cute none them selfs

whats one favorite things to do

shop duh eat watch tv hang wit friends

kud u beat a 127 IQ score

Yes No

wat kind of person r u

ugly funny cute populer

wat kind of friendds do u have

populer geeks nerds energetic

if u u are goin to a bf party wat wud u get her

dimond earrings wudnt go nothin a doll

wats ur favorite animal to have

dnt have one little dog cat none of the above

when u have a cell phone wat do u do the most

leave it off dnt have one text talk

What kind of clothes do u wear

i love to wear pink i really dnt kare its all bout d dimonds i like black

wud u got to prom

Yes No


im bisexual and im not girly at all im a skater girl thats never wears dresses and only wears jeans t-shirts and converse. selena gomez is hot i copy her style!!!! Boys are attractive
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